Macedonian Human Rights Movement International
Press Release
MHRMI Applauds Macedonians for Defending Macedonia and Rejecting Tirana Platform - Reiterates Call to End the Name Negotiations

Macedonian flag Macedonian Human Rights Movement International applauds Macedonians, from all political parties, for coming together in defence of Macedonia and condemning the Tirana Platform - which was aimed at the creation of Greater Albania at the expense of Macedonia's territorial integrity. President Ivanov's denial of a mandate to Zoran Zaev, despite Western pressure and interference, is a signal that Macedonian politicians are finally acting in Macedonia's national interests - thanks to Macedonians speaking out, en masse.

Since the Republic of Macedonia's inception, MHRMI has repeatedly called for and demanded that its government, regardless of which party is in power, condemn foreign interference, reject political partisanship and to stand up for Macedonia's national interests first, just as every other country does. Therefore, MHRMI has denounced anti-Macedonian actions by both major political parties. Whichever civil and domestic issues Macedonians see as pros and cons from either party are up to Macedonian citizens only, not Western governments, or even Macedonians living outside the country. However, when it comes to Macedonia and Macedonians' national and human rights interests, MHRMI vehemently defends and advocates for them.

Macedonians have shown that they will no longer tolerate that a war criminal, with foreign assistance, can come this close to determining the fate of an entire country. Macedonians will not tolerate that less than 20% of a country's population - with allegiance to two neighbouring countries - can hold 80% of a country's people hostage. Macedonians will not tolerate any politician who succumbs to these anti-Macedonian demands.

As can be seen recently by the European Parliament, US Embassy, and European Union's recent announcements regarding Macedonia - or to be precise "this country” as the EU's Federica Mogherini says - they are blatantly intervening in Macedonia's internal affairs and no longer denying it. The EU is now threatening Macedonia with delayed EU membership unless it accepts the coalition supporting the Tirana platform. But they forget to mention that EU membership might only occur if Macedonia changes its name to appease the Western-backed oppressor, Greece. Let's not forget the European Parliament-backed Bulgaria, with their racist resolution claiming that the oppressed Macedonian minority in Albania is "Bulgarian”.

MHRMI repeats its more than two-decade long policies and calls for Macedonia to:
•Immediately and permanently withdraw from the UN-sponsored negotiations aimed at changing Macedonia's name;
•Reject all foreign interference in Macedonia's internal affairs;
•Expel Ambassador Baily and all other foreign diplomats who support the US Embassy's actions;
•Convict all Albanian war criminals who were granted amnesty from prosecution from the 2001 war;
•Declare the 1995 Interim Accord null and void and, therefore, return to using the original Macedonian flag;
•Advocate for human rights for oppressed Macedonians in all regions of partitioned Macedonia (Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, Kosovo and Serbia) and implementation of the same rights for Macedonians as guaranteed to Albanians in the Ohrid Framework Agreement and;
•Proactively and vehemently promote the truth about Macedonia. We have international recognition. Demand respect.

These declarations are consistent with every other country's actions in defending itself. We have seen how the US responds to attacks to its democracy. The double-standard for Macedonia ends now.


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