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Macedonian Association "Ilinden" Tirana: Announcement - Condemnation for the resolution of the European Parliament

Macedonian Association Ilinden Tirana Macedonian Association "Ilinden" Tirana condemns Progress Report on Albania's membership in the European Union, adopted by the European Parliament, where a proposal of Bulgarian MEPs Andrey Kovachev and Angel Dzambaski ask that Macedonian in areas Golo Brdo, Gora, Mala and Prespa to be declared as Bulgarians and recommend to be involved in the country's legislation and practice be guaranteed in the Republic of Albania. Macedonian Association "Ilinden" Tirana reiterates that Bulgarians in Albania and in the regions of Golo Brdo, Mala Prespa and Gora, do not exist. Macedonian Association "Ilinden" Tirana reminds that the whole territory of the Republic of Albania, especially in the regions of Golo Brdo, Mala Prespa and Gora do not live "Bulgarians" but only Macedonians! Macedonian Association "Ilinden" Tirana seeks from the Albanian government and the Macedonian government sharp demarche to Brussels and Sofia and a notification of the fake Bulgarian history in European official documents and renaming of the Macedonians in Albania as Bulgarians! Macedonian Association "Ilinden" Tirana see the progress report on Albania's EU membership in the European Parliament in the section where the Macedonians are renamed as Bulgarians considers a severe violation of international law, the Universal Declaration of human rights and freedoms and the Charter of the United Nations for genocide over the Macedonians in Albania. Macedonian Association "Ilinden" Tirana appeals to Brussels for active measures against the de-nationalization policy for several years with unlawful issuance of Bulgarian citizenship to Macedonians in Albania by the Bulgarian government.

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