Macedonian Human Rights Movement International
Press Release
US Congressman Calls for Partition of Macedonia - MHRMI Demands his Resignation and Reprimand, Calls for Support for Macedonia from President Trump

Dana Rohrabacher As if the first partition of Macedonia wasn't enough, US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher decided to call for the further partition of Macedonia, saying "I am sorry to say but it is not a state. Kosovars and Albanians in Macedonia should become part of Kosovo. The other part of Macedonia should become part of Bulgaria, or whatever country they allege to belong.” The country that Macedonians belong to, Mr. Rohrabacher, is Macedonia - an age-old nation and deservedly, a state. As the US media likes to say lately, you've "double-downed” on your expression of ignorance. Further, you've continued previous US administrations' enabling of Albanian irredentism and insurgency.

An apology is not enough. MHRMI demands not only your resignation, but your reprimand as well. The US has executed, quite literally, a disastrous and divisive foreign policy for seven decades. One of President Trump's core campaign messages was to end US foreign interventionism. Rep. Christopher Smith took the positive step of initiating a Congressional investigation into the US Embassy in Macedonia's interference, and stoking of civil unrest, in its attempt to overthrow the democratically-elected Macedonian government. This interference has caused a tremendous amount of instability and political unrest in the country.

Mr. Rohrabacher, Macedonia was partitioned in 1913 among Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece and later, Albania. Each country began campaigns of violent assimilation or extermination in their attempt to eradicate the existence of Macedonians. Persecution of Macedonians continues today. Before and after Macedonia's partition, large waves of Macedonian immigrants arrived at Ellis Island, escaping oppression and in search of freedom. A quick search of US immigration documents from the 1800s and 1900s shows these individuals' nationality as - Macedonian. Simple "Made in the USA" proof that Macedonia wasn't an "idea" that was conceived "30 years ago" as you stated - to an Albanian TV station. Mr. Rohrabacher, your blatant disrespect of American values, and complete ignorance of basic principles of foreign policy, history, and simple civil and human rights disqualifies you from holding public office.

President Trump, MHRMI calls on you to fulfill your campaign pledge and end all meddling in Macedonia. Denounce the UN-sponsored and US-supported name negotiations, which is aimed at changing Macedonia's historic name and which has subsequently wreaked havoc throughout the region. Proclaim that Macedonia's name is - and always has been - Macedonia. The United States recognized Macedonia in 2004. 2017 is the, long overdue, year that the US must proclaim its unwavering support for the most basic of human rights - end the name negotiations now.


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