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Why is Donald Trump Allowing the Obama/Hillary Macedonia Policy to Wreak Havoc?

President Trump Published in "The Hill": "Trump must take action in Macedonia to fix damage done by Obama and Clinton"

President Trump is doing something very un-Trumpesque. And it's concerning. He's allowing an Obama/Hillary administration policy to remain in place instead of implementing his own. The GOP has done well to launch a Congressional investigation into the continued wrongdoing of government employees, based on the previous administration's policy direction, but they have not implemented their own policy. Why? It would put a swift end to the turmoil that has gripped an entire nation.

That nation is Macedonia. And their nationality is Macedonian. The US State Department and US Embassy in Macedonia are continuing to follow the Obama/Hillary left wing, George Soros-funded policy of meddling in Macedonia's internal affairs, and it has wreaked havoc and perpetuated attacks on Macedonians' ethnic origin and Macedonia's sovereignty. Left-wing European Union countries have joined the United States and Soros-funded NGOs and have called for a governing mandate to be given to a coalition that adopted Greater Albania demands, lost the recent election, and whose platform is aimed at changing Macedonia's name, identity, flag, anthem and coat of arms, and which threatens Macedonia's territorial integrity. These countries have chosen to ignore the collateral damage in pursuit of their ultimate goal of having a left-wing puppet government in power.

In mass, non-partisan protests occurring throughout the country, Macedonians are united against the aptly-named Tirana Platform and in defence of their country. This platform was drafted in a foreign country - Albania, no less - and under the "guidance” of Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama. Foreign interventionism defined. Rama recently suggested that Kosovo and Albania would unify if the European Union rejects Albania's EU membership. Regional instability defined.

The foreign interventionist policy executed by the US left and right over the past seven decades has resulted in an American-initiated international mess. President Trump (and Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul for that matter) had it correct, that the US must end its meddling in foreign countries. This is not a left or right issue for Macedonians as people on the left (myself included), centre and right are defending our country and our very existence, just as any other nation would. To discuss political partisanship as the overarching goal in this issue is akin to discussing what our favourite colour is.

The State Department takes direction from its boss, the President. For whichever reason you choose, President Trump, be it to fulfill a campaign promise, to end the wasting of millions of US taxpayers' dollars trying to implement a Soros-run government in Macedonia (Judicial Watch has filed a lawsuit to this end), to allow democracy and constitutional law to be upheld in Macedonia, to follow the basic fundamentals of human rights and decency and end the attempts at denationalization of an age-old nationality, or to end an Obama/Hillary policy and implement your own, because you are the President, is up to you. But, it must be done. Immediately.

Bill Nicholov, President
Macedonian Human Rights Movement International


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