Macedonian Human Rights Movement International
Press Release
MHRMI Appeals for Calm, and Common Sense, in the Republic of Macedonia

This is Macedonia Since declaring independence in 1991, Macedonia has had to endure a countless number of obstacles just to ensure its survival. The Greek embargo, Albanian unrest, the fight for our very name and identity, among many others. But nobody expected a wiretapping scandal to tear our country apart. MHRMI will not get involved or comment on which party did what, and which politicians are more corrupt. A mature democracy (not necessarily a Western democracy) will have peaceful protests, and decide the fate of politicians at election time. Now is the time for each party to focus on what they plan on doing for Macedonia, and avoid American-style attacks on their opponents. See our op-ed "Macedonia, Cut Your American Puppet-Master's Strings”.

Macedonian citizens must refrain from blind support of a chosen political party, and avoid displaying such an elevated level of partisanship, that they'll vehemently and sometimes violently, defend the party no matter what it has done. Vote on the issues, and force your politicians to act in your, and your country's best interests.

MHRMI has met with every Macedonian government since independence and, in addition to calling for help for Macedonians struggling to achieve their basic human rights in Greece, Bulgaria and Albania, we have demanded action on the one constant problem - outside interference in Macedonia, especially when it comes to the artificially created and nonsensical UN sponsored name negotiations. There is no argument that makes sense in having started, and continuing the so-called name dispute for over two decades. Greece claims that Macedonia's name "creates confusion with the province of Macedonia”. Then use the term Republic of Macedonia for the country. Case closed. Look at MHRMI's crucial, and successful,
Our Name is Macedonia campaign for how we gain awareness for this issue and defend and advocate for Macedonia's real name. We want this campaign to end when the name negotiations are ended. Not when our country falls apart because of political games.

Macedonia, this inferiority complex must end. Be forceful when asserting the truth. It is Greece that is trying to steal Macedonia's name and history, not the other way around. The world knows that Macedonia was partitioned among Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, and later, Albania. Our name has existed for thousands of years, Greece is a Western creation. Greece has admitted the reason that it created the name dispute, to eradicate Macedonia's existence. And don't look to the corrupt UN, EU, USA, and NATO for guidance and acceptance. Macedonia is independent for a reason. Run your own country as you see fit. Apply this policy to the ludicrous name dispute as well and remember it when you see the "F.Y.R. Macedonia" entry in Eurovision. Remember it when you watch Macedonian athletes walking in behind the letter "F” in Olympic opening ceremonies. Macedonian athletes, you must refuse to walk in behind any letter except M and show your politicians how to stand up for the country that they claim to represent.

Macedonia's lack of action on the name issue has signalled to the world that we are willing to be controlled. And look where it has gotten us. The issue is simple. Macedonians know what's best for their country, Americans, Germans and French do not. Foreign governments will act in their self-interest first, and generally, exclusively. Macedonians, make your voices heard, peacefully, call for an election and vote. Macedonian political parties take note, end the name negotiations now and gain a tremendous amount of respect amongst the electorate and internationally. And end the threat that a Macedonian politician or political party will be bribed by Greece or the United States in order to change our name. Macedonians, start the Common Sense Revolution.


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