Macedonian Human Rights Movement International
Press Release
Macedonia, Cut Your American Puppet Master's Strings

Because 'Merica, that's why Bill Nicholov, President
Macedonian Human Rights Movement International

The world is the United States' puppet. But how has the US become the puppet master? Because we allow it. One of the US' playthings for the past 25 years has been Macedonia, which plays along because it fears that it has no choice, just like many other countries in the world do. So the US gives them treats once in a while like an obedient dog. But if the dog disobeys, beware the supposed consequences. But Macedonia, you do have a choice. Stop listening to the very country that literally knows nothing about foreign policy, human rights or common sense. There will be no consequences for defying the United States. There will only be consequences if you continue to obey it.

Look at the Colourful Revolution. While Macedonians have every right to protest as they see fit about what's best for their own country, the fact that the United States has its tentacles all over it is undeniable. This is what the US does. The EU chimes in too, like a tweet from the German Foreign Ministry saying that it "applauds the delay in elections in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”. Former Nazi Dictatorship of Germany, shut up until you can refer to our country by its proper name.

Macedonians need to start another revolution - the Common Sense Revolution. Tell the West to get out of Macedonia. And Macedonia, get the hell out of the name negotiations. Which Macedonian political party will grow a spine and announce, now, that it will end the nonsensical name negotiations and put Matthew Nimetz, the career diplomat, out of a job? Mr. Nimetz, would you negotiate your own name? Would the United States? Your predecessor, Robin O'Neil, had the decency to denounce the name negotiations for what they are, in his words, a way for Greece "to wipe Macedonia off the map”. Former Greek PM Mitsotakis even publicly admitted it.

Despite having recognized Macedonia using its proper name, as has almost almost every country in the world, the US insists that Macedonia change its name to appease Greece. The dramatic propaganda switch by Greece from denying Macedonia's existence, then claiming the land as their own, is evidence enough that Greece has a painfully obvious ulterior motive. But the United States, in its infinite wisdom, dragged most EU countries with it and threatened that Macedonia will never enter NATO or the EU unless it changes its name. America the Beautiful has also threatened that a civil war would erupt with Macedonia's Albanian minority if a name "compromise” (sellout) isn't reached. Is the United States admitting that it would stoke civil war to achieve its misguided foreign policy objectives? Wouldn't be the first time.

Yes, the name that the US wants to change is the very name that has existed for thousands of years and that the vast majority of the world has recognized. God bless America. But to indulge Greece's ridiculous argument that Macedonia's name "creates confusion with the province of Macedonia in Greece”, the "Republic” at the beginning removes any such debate. So Greece, suggesting "Republic of Northern Macedonia” and "Republic of Slavic Macedonia” serves no purpose but for your country to inflict another blow to common sense and human rights, while the world turns a blind eye. Macedonian politicians, do not be shy about pointing out that Greece annexed part of Macedonia's territory in 1913. The world knows Macedonia's geographic boundaries, that Macedonia was partitioned among Serbia, Bulgaria, and Greece (with a part later given to Albania like a Christmas present) and that Alexander the Great (not "Warrior on a horse”) was Macedonian. Being afraid to point out the truth, as per the United States' instructions, only gives weight to Greece's nonsensical arguments that Macedonia is trying to "steal Greek history”. If only Greece had a real history to be stolen and not just a Western-created myth.

Believe it or not, Macedonia was actually mentioned by a commentator during a Euro Cup broadcast but, of course, being European, he referred to the "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”. I guess he figured that maybe the so-called "Province of Macedonia” that Greece annexed in 1913 would be competing in international competition. I can't wait for Ontario or North Dakota to start their qualifying rounds for the World Cup! For the sake of common sense, most broadcasters do refer to Macedonia simply as, Macedonia. But if European institutions want to keep playing Greece's racist game, just call the country Republic of Macedonia. Which also brings us to the spectacle of watching poor Macedonian athletes walking in the Olympic opening ceremonies behind the letter "F” and holding a sellout, bastardized version of the Macedonian flag. Macedonian athletes, stand up for yourselves and your country since your politicians won't, and refuse to walk in behind any letter except "M”.

It's ironic that the United States is allowed to dictate to foreign countries how it should conduct its affairs, but it cannot even run its own country. The Flint water crisis, the lack of response to Hurricane Katrina, the refusal to deal with gun violence regardless of which party is in power, hanging chads for the love of God…I could go on. Just watch CNN to see what qualifies as newsworthy and ask yourself, do you want this country telling yours what to do? CNN breaking news…the United States is not the "best country in the world” as American politicians espouse. This proclamation sounds too much like Nazi Germany and modern-day Greece, which recently elected 21 members of a neo-Nazi party to parliament. The first country to do so since, well, you guessed it.

Take a lesson from Canada and many other countries in the world which are proud, but simply proclaim that our respective countries are "great”. Be proud of who you are and where you're from, but not at the expense of others. American democracy is not the greatest thing since "sliced bread”, and the simple fact that the US has elections (between two parties, wow, how democratic) and is constantly in an election cycle does not give it the right to "spread American values” (interventionism/imperialism) throughout the world.

The superiority complex by the United States bears a striking resemblance to that of Greece, which teaches its schoolchildren that their land is the "cradle of civilization”, "birthplace of democracy” and, most dangerously, ethnically pure. They can't even admit that so-called "Greek coffee” and baklava are actually Turkish. Dare I say it, there's no such thing as "Greek yogurt” either, but what a wonderful example of marketing. Maybe these similarities in their belief of cultural superiority explain why the United States and the West invented Greece in 1830 and romanticize its "glorious” (non-existent) past at the expense of Macedonians and any other minorities in its path. However, could it really be that the roots of racism run so deep in Western culture, that they don't want to acknowledge that our beginnings are in Africa? The entire idea of Greece, past and present, is a myth.

The United States acts unilaterally, shoots down, literally, any advice directed at it, and claims that it is the world's moral authority. Yet, it expects other countries to do its bidding. Worse still, the US gets its way. That can end now. Macedonia, the world is watching.


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