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MHRMI Calls on Macedonian Athletes to Refuse to Walk in Behind Letter "F” for "FYROM” at Rio Olympics

Macedonia at Olympics The IOC will follow the UN and USA's directives and continue to violate the most basic of Macedonia's rights, and that is the right to use our own name. Yet again, Macedonian athletes will be forced to walk in behind the letter "F” for "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” at the Rio Olympics opening ceremonies. Macedonia, itself, gives in to American scare-tactics and refuses to stand up for its own name.

So, Macedonian athletes, it's up to you. Join the list of athletes who have taken a stand for common decency and human rights, and refuse to walk in behind the letter "F”. You've worked so hard to make it to this stage to represent your country, not a made-up one called "FYROM”. Walk in behind the letter M and tell the world that our name is, and has always been, Macedonia.

Macedonians, Olympic athletes from all countries, and others concerned about human rights, join MHRMI's call for Macedonian athletes to refuse to walk in behind the letter "F”. Share our Action Alert on social media and use the contact information below. The Olympic charter claims that "The practice of sport is a human right." So is using your own country's name. Our Name is Macedonia. Demand that the IOC respects it.

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Macedonia at Olympics