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MHRMI Responds to Toronto Star's Pro-Greek Revisionist History

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Re: Macedonia's building program aims to make Skopje an attractive tourist destination

In Cody Punter's January 26, 2016 article, he states that "Skopje, Macedonia, has been transformed into a majestic Hellenistic Disneyland in recent years, thanks to a neo-classical building program".

Is Mr. Punter not aware of the serious issues between Macedonia and Greece that have dominated the region since 1991? The infamous, nonsensical name dispute, initiated by Greece in its attempts to eradicate Macedonia's existence would not be celebrated by the Republic of Macedonia by erecting statues of non-existent "Greek" heroes. This was either a deliberate attempt by Mr. Punter at reviving a pro-Greek view of history or complete ignorance of an issue that he has no business writing about.

Instead of perpetuating a romanticized version of Greek history, Mr. Punter should discuss how Macedonia is celebrating its rich history and culture, which has endured despite Greece's past and present attempts to wipe it off the map. Greece's superiority complex, aided in part by the West, has resulted in severe repression of Macedonians and other minorities in Greece. Thankfully, in recent years, the dangerous myth of Greek ethnic continuity has been exposed, and it is rare to find such an inaccurate view of history. After apologizing for this travesty of an article, Mr. Punter and the Toronto Star would do well in exposing the truth about Greece.

Bill Nicholov, President
Macedonian Human Rights Movement International


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