Macedonian Human Rights Movement International
Press Release
How do you want to help achieve human rights for oppressed Macedonians?

Macedonian-language school •Help to open another new Macedonian-language kindergarten in Albania?
•Fund more language classes and the opening of a cultural centre in Aegean Macedonia?
•Or contribute to the crucial Our Name is Macedonia campaign, which demands an immediate end to the name negotiations?

These are only some examples of the vital work that Macedonian Human Rights Movement International (MHRMI) does. Macedonians in all parts of Macedonia are demanding their human rights, and to stop being persecuted just for being Macedonian by the governments of Greece, Bulgaria and Albania. These countries are continuing their campaigns aimed at eradicating anything Macedonian, and it's up to us to make sure that it ends.

Macedonians in Pirin Macedonia have been arrested by Bulgarian secret police for joining a Macedonian organization, Macedonians in Mala Prespa received death threats by Albanian government officials and were beaten for attending Macedonian-language classes, and Macedonians in Aegean Macedonia have been attacked by Greek neo-Nazis and police for attending Macedonian events.

Despite the scare-tactics, Macedonians are not intimidated. They are still proudly declaring themselves as Macedonians and demanding their human rights. Festivals celebrating Macedonian culture and language are happening throughout Aegean Macedonia, where people proudly sing and dance patriotic Macedonian songs. Commemorations honouring Macedonian heroes occur throughout Pirin Macedonia and the original Macedonian flag flies proudly in Mala Prespa, Albania including the villages in which Macedonian politicians have been elected.

Macedonian-language school

These successes only occur because of supporters like you and the crucial work that MHRMI and its partner organizations in all parts of Macedonia undertake. You can help to continue this progress by joining the MHRMI Human Rights Fund and making a valuable annual, monthly or one-time donation. You can specify that your donation go to one of our projects below, or wherever it is needed most. We are also looking for volunteers to help in our human rights work.

Macedonian Human Rights Movement International, and our partners the Australian Macedonian Human Rights Committee, are the only organizations in the Macedonian diaspora that finance and organize Macedonian human rights activities in the Balkans. Among our many initiatives are:

• The purchase and financing of a Macedonian radio station in Lerin and TV station in Korca, Albania;
• Macedonian language classes throughout Aegean Macedonia, Pirin Macedonia and Albania, including the opening of another kindergarten in Korca;
• The funding of Nova Zora, Narodna Volja and other Macedonian newspapers and publications in Aegean Macedonia, Pirin Macedonia and Mala Prespa/Golo Brdo;
• The crucial Our Name is Macedonia campaign, which demands an immediate end to the "name negotiations";
• Funding cultural festivals for Macedonians in all parts of Macedonia in order to spread Macedonian culture, language and to demand human rights;
• The operation of human rights offices for Macedonians in Bulgaria, Greece and Albania;
• Funding the opening of a Macedonian Cultural Centre in Lerin, Aegean Macedonia;
• Funding successful election campaigns for Macedonians in Albania, Greece and Bulgaria in order to advocate for Macedonian human rights;
• Attendance at United Nations and European human rights conferences demanding an end to discrimination against Macedonians;
• Demanding recognition and support for Macedonia and Macedonian human rights in Washington, Ottawa, Brussels and throughout the world.

We are also calling on Macedonian organizations throughout the world to join us in helping eliminate discrimination against Macedonians. Please join our monthly program in which organizations contribute to the project of their choice and help spread the word at their events about the need for action in advocating for Macedonian human rights.

Please contribute at or for more information, please call 416-850-7125, email, or visit,,

You can make a difference for Macedonians struggling to achieve their human rights. Please do it today. Thank you for your support.


Macedonian Human Rights Movement International (MHRMI) has been active on human and national rights issues for Macedonians and other oppressed peoples since 1986. For more information:,,,, +1 416-850-7125.