Macedonian Human Rights Movement International
CMF Announces Scholarship Fund in Honour of MHRMI

Canadian Macedonian Federation The Canadian Macedonian Federation (CMF) is proud to announce the dedication of its two new endowments at York University and University of Toronto in honour of Macedonian Human Rights Movement International (MHRMI).
"This is a special moment for both groups. The CMF is recognizing the commitment that MHRMI has made to our community over the last 25 years by dedicating the scholarships to it," said CMF Chairman Spero Bassil. "In the future, Macedonian students will attend schools of higher learning thanks to the efforts of individuals who care for our people here and abroad. MHRMI is a proven leader in the Macedonian diaspora and will be for generations to come.”

Currently, the CMF manages almost $100,000 in endowments designed to provide funds for students who are active in the Macedonian community and who have achieved the required academic standing.

The York University Fund is currently at $40,000 and the University of Toronto Law School Fund is at $30,000. The CMF has also endowed a scholarship fund at Ryerson University that will be available in 2010.


The CMF was founded in the late nineteen eighties and is an organization dedicated to celebrating Macedonian culture in Canada. The CMF promotes understanding and respect among all peoples through education, advocacy and conflict resolution. By bringing Macedonians together we will provide leadership, volunteerism, and new standards of excellence in community service. For more information please visit