Macedonian Human Rights Movement International
Press Release
MHRMI and AMHRC Condemn Greece's Continued Blacklisting of Ethnic Macedonians

Border Crossing Macedonian Human Rights Movement International (MHRMI) - Press Release

Toronto, Canada and Melbourne, Australia - Greece continues to blacklist Macedonians who are active in human rights organizations abroad or who are political refugees*. The latest reported incident occurred on December 19, 2009, when Macedonian citizen, Nikola Kosturski, a member of the Association of Child Refugees (Detsa Begaltsi) in Bitola, was denied entry because he "is a person for whom an alert has been issued for the purposes of refusing entry" and is "in the national register".

Greece's blacklisting of ethnic Macedonians affects citizens of Canada, Australia, the United States, and many Western European countries.

MHRMI and AMHRC ask the governments of these countries, among others, to protect the rights of their citizens and demand from Greece that this practice be ceased immediately or face repercussions. Furthermore, we ask that Greece be forced to provide a reason why certain individuals are refused entry and why Greece's blacklist contains only members of ethnic minorities.

MHRMI and AMHRC call on Macedonians abroad to contact our organizations if they have been denied entry into Greece, or have experienced discrimination by Greek Consulates or Embassies worldwide.

*This year marks the 61st anniversary of the evacuation by the International Red Cross of 28,000 Macedonian children (Detsa Begaltsi), aged 2-14, during the Greek Civil War. They were subsequently stripped of their Greek citizenship and have been consistently denied entry into Greece simply because they assert their Macedonian ethnic identity. They were excluded from the 1982 law that allowed the free return of political refugees who were "Greek by genus”.


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