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Pomeroy: Macedonia has serious approach in name talks

Congressman Earl Pomeroy Source: MakFax

Macedonia has a serious approach in the talks on the name row with Greece, and it's a precedent in the history of NATO that one country blocks other country bid to join the Alliance over bilateral issue.

These are the remarks made by Congressman Earl Pomeroy from the U.S. state of North Dakota in an interview for Voice of America's Macedonian news.

"There are two sides in the talks mediated by US diplomat in a bid to reach a solution. One of them is Macedonia and the country makes serious efforts to reach an agreement. I believe the other side is not so much serious in terms of settlement. The people sometimes prefer to keep the talks alive rather than reach a solution," Congressman Pomeroy said.

It's very important that the international community facilitates the settlement to ensure that Macedonia joins NATO and remains on track for EU membership, he added.

"From my perspective, Macedonia wants a solution. The country desperately wants to become a part of NATO as well as part of Europe," Pomeroy said, adding that Greece's position is too rigid and it's not good for anyone.

Congressman Pomeroy said a very bad precedent was made in the Macedonia case.

"Never before in the history of NATO, a member of the Alliance used the admission of another country to secure unusual concessions. I think this is a bilateral issue that should not obstruct Macedonia's membership in the community of nations," Pomeroy said.

Asked whether the US could shift its policy on Macedonia, Congressman Pomeroy said regardless of who wins the presidential election - Republican John McCain or Democrat Barack Obama - the US recognizes Macedonia by its constitutional name and that's the position of the US.