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Press Release
NATO Must Reprimand Greece for Threatening to Block Macedonia's Entry

Macedonia in NATO Macedonian Human Rights Movement International - Press Release

Toronto, Canada - Greece is threatening to block the Republic of Macedonia's entry into NATO simply because of its opposition to Macedonia's constitutional name. According to Greek Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis, "No solution means no invitation.”
This is the latest act of Greece's blatant hostility towards Macedonia.
Greece objects to the name of the Republic of Macedonia in order to continue its policy of non-recognition and persecution of its large Macedonian minority.

However, the repercussions of Greece's irrational position not only affect Macedonians, but also the European Union, NATO and the region as a whole.
Other member-states support Macedonia's entry into NATO as it would help to stabilize the country and region, especially in the aftermath of Kosovo's declaration of independence.

MHRMI president Bill Nicholov stated, "Instead of trying to convince Greece not to follow through on its threats, other NATO members must make clear to Greece the consequences of its nationalist and xenophobic actions. We call on NATO to immediately publicize the actions it will take should Greece block Macedonia's entry."


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