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Abusive emails from the Greek Embassy in Dublin, Ireland to EFA - Rainbow party

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Florina /Lerin 11/02/2008 - A very interesting email reply was sent to our office regarding our Press Release concerning the statements of the Greek Minister of the Interior, Prokopis Pavlopoulos, in Strasbourg (18/12/2007).
The email:
From: Dublin Press Office (
To: vinozito
Sent: Tuesday, December 18, 2007 1:05 PM
Subject: Re: Press Release - The hypocritical statements by Pavlopoulos in Strasbourg.

Shame of you, to send all these inaccuracies, since we know who feed you, go to Kosovo to do the heroes if you have bones.

After some research, with a great surprise we found that the electronic address of this abusive e-mail was from the Press Office of the Greek Embassy in Dublin, Republic of Ireland.

Two days later another email was sent to EFA- Rainbow's office:
From: Dublin Press Office
To: vinozito
Sent: Thursday, December 20, 2007 12:26 PM
Subject: Re: Press Release - The "insensitivity" of the Greek National Commission for Human Rights

Shame of you to produce such inaccuracies, Voskopoulos works for the public service doesn't he? and he insults the Greek state, you are gays, you need beating.

We wonder if the Greek Ambassador in Ireland and the Greek Embassy in general know about the character of the person who is in charge for Embassy's Press Office?
If this responsible-irresponsible person gives such replies to Press Releases which he does not like, we wonder what kind of relationship he has with the public opinion, is our country proud of his work?
If the Press Offices from any Greek Embassy aboard handle the correspondence with this way as it did the person in charge from Dublin's Press Office then we can easily understand why our country has been ridiculed worldwide regarding the argumentation it uses in relation to the Macedonian minority of Greece.
If the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs staffs the Press Offices of the Greek Embassies with such persons, then we completely understand why it is so difficult for foreigners the understand our country's argumentation not only on the Macedonian issue, but generally for issues for foreign policy.
We call upon the Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mrs Bakoyianni and the responsible persons in the Ministry to investigate the above matter and to take all the necessary measures so that our county will no longer be ridiculed. This information will be disseminated everywhere by our party.

The Press Office