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Greek Authorities Continue To Abuse Ethnic Macedonians

Father Tsarknias Source:

Anti Macedonian campaign within Greek territory continues in full swing, against anyone or anything that calls himself Macedonian.

A week ago, Tsarknias and his family were attacked at his home, twice. The latest gaffe came from the Greek authorities by forcibly putting a Greek flag on the Macedonian church where father Tsarknias held his services.

Goce Petrovski, the president of organization "Aegean Macedonians" visited father Tsarknias at his home, as well as Pavle Vaskopolus in the Lerin hospital.

Mr Petrovski confirms father Tsarknias is under increasing pressure and abuses from Greek authorities and had been told there is no place for him in Greece.

Father Tsarknias described the incident with the Greek flag. "The same people who organized the protests against me, put the Greek flag on our church. But, God is with us, he sees. The winds increased and broke the Greek flag, carried it away from our church".

Petrovski spoke about Pavle's health situation. "He is better, had brain hemorrhage, but thankfully he is doing much better. I found him in the hospital, walking around, which is a very good sign. He is lucky he was at home when this happened. Had he been on the road to Warsaw and Madrid as planned, it could have been much worse. Pavle being Pavle, right away started speaking about Macedonia and the Macedonians." concluded Petrovski.