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Press Release
MHRMI Urges Sanctions Against Greece, Immediate Recognition of Macedonia

Macedonian Flag Macedonian Human Rights Movement International (MHRMI) - Press Release

Toronto, Canada, April 3, 2008 - Despite overwhelming support for the Republic of Macedonia's inclusion into NATO, Greece has vetoed Macedonia's entry because of its opposition to Macedonia's constitutional name.

The nonsensical name dispute was initiated by Greece in order to continue its policy of non-recognition and persecution of its large Macedonian minority.

Former Greek Prime Minister Constantine Mitsotakis admitted as such in 1995, "My main aim was to convince the Republic (of Macedonia) to declare that there is no Slavomacedonian minority in Greece. This was the real key of our difference with Skopje".

In spite of Greece's irrational objections, over 120 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Russia and China have recognized Macedonia under its constitutional name.

Ironically, Greece claims exclusivity to the name Macedonia but, prior to 1988, Greece's position was that Macedonia did not exist. Because of the Republic of Macedonia's imminent independence, Greece's position changed and it renamed "Northern Greece” to the "Province of Macedonia." Greece's decades-old policy of eradication and forcible assimilation of its Macedonian minority has continued.

"Since Greece has seriously threatened regional stability for the sake of its own nationalistic agenda, the international community must make Greece aware of the consequences of its racist and xenophobic actions," said MHRMI President Bill Nicholov.

MHRMI urges the following:

1. NATO member-states impose sanctions against Greece
2. Macedonia cease all negotiations with Greece over the name dispute
3. Immediate international recognition of Macedonia's constitutional name


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