Macedonian Human Rights Movement International
EFA Letter to EU Commissioner on Enlargement Regarding Human Rights Abuses Against Macedonians in Bulgaria

To the Commissioner on Enlargement
Mr. Olli Rehn

Rue de la Loi 200
1040 Brussels

Mr. Commissioner,

As President of the European Free Alliance (EFA), I firmly want to protest against the very repressive climate in the Pirin area in Bulgaria. For many years the state and officials representing the state have put all their effort in preventing the party OMO Ilinden Pirin, who represents the Macedonian Minority, from registering as a political party.

We believe that the EU and the EU Institution can no longer disregard this serious breach of Human rights and we request you to take immediate steps to enable this party to have a fair chance to register.

We furthermore request you to send an observer on behalf of the Commission to the trial that will soon be convened and where it is to expect that again the Court will deny the right of free association on the basis of false or subjective grounds. The Judicial system systematically proves to act with contempt towards the European institutions.

Members of the European Free Alliance organised a fact finding mission to Bulgaria and found out for themselves that repression is very lively. I include a document that gives an overview of some manifest violations.

I remain at your entire disposal for any request you would like to make concerning this issue.

Faithfully yours,

Nelly Maes
President of the European Free Alliance