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Bulgaria Deliberately Postponing Registration of Macedonian Party

Source: A1 TV

The Bulgarian authorities have violated the deadline during which they should decide on the registration of the OMO Ilinden PIRIN [United Macedonian Organization-Party of Economic Development and Integration of the Population]. Instead of on 20 October, one month after the party of Macedonians submitted the documents required for its registration, the court will reach a verdict on 10 November.

Stojko Stojkov, the party's public relations officer, says that they have not received an explanation of why Bulgaria itself is violating its own laws. [Passage omitted]

According to A1 Television information received from Bulgarian Government sources, the Sofia authorities are deliberately postponing the registration of the party of Macedonians until the end of the local elections - which are scheduled for October - because they fear that the registration will weaken the ruling Socialists' rating.

Because of international pressure and its imminent EU membership, Bulgaria must not make yet another mistake by rejecting, yet again, the OMO Ilinden PIRIN's registration, A1 TV sources from Sofia have said.

OMO Ilinden PIRIN has hailed the Council of Europe's appeal to Greece to ratify the National Minorities' Convention. This is also a message to Bulgaria to fully respect the Macedonians' rights. [Passage omitted]

Bulgaria is the only Eastern European state that has accepted the aforementioned convention with an annex that it often uses as an alibi when violating the same.