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Council of Europe and Olli Rehn declare that Bulgaria should register OMO "Ilinden” Pirin

European Free Alliance

Following the letter of President of the Commission Barroso on the registering of the OMO Ilinden Pirin party, Olli Rehn's spokesperson declared yesterday that Bulgaria should enable this party to register.

In the program 'Horizont' on the Bulgarian National radio Krisztina Nagy, spokesperson of the Enlargement cabinet of Commissioner Olli Rehn said that:

"Bulgaria must respect the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights, including the one regarding the registration of OMO "Ilinden” PIRIN. As all member states, Bulgaria must respect the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights."

It is up to the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe to evaluate if a decision of the ECHR is not implemented and respected. The Deputies agreed to resume consideration of this item at their 976th meeting (17-18 October 2006) on the basis of further information to be provided by Bulgaria concerning payment of the sums awarded in this case as well as the individual measures to be taken in order to put an end to the violations and erase, as far as possible, their consequences for the applicants.

Nelly Maes, President of EFA, declared: "The time is ticking away very fast now, Bulgaria will become a member of the EU but the time is running out to do it in dignity. This means in such a way that democracy is respected. What the Bulgarian press and some Bulgarian Observers as the European Parliament are writing and saying on our EFA/GREENS group is simply incredible and unacceptable”.

"Why peaceful organisations are called dangerous and racist while the newspapers are full of racist declarations from existing parties and state representatives without any official reply or complaint. Not acting on this by the government will in the end result in compliance with political party murder.”