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Greek State Television Airs Previously Banned Program That Exposes Persecution Against Macedonian Minority

Greek Member State Committee of EBLUL
Parisis Athanasios
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The Greek Member State Committee of the European Bureau for Lesser Used Languages expresses its contentment for the presentation (Sunday, 27.3.2005) of the documentary "Taxidevontas stin Ellada” (Traveling in Greece) by the 2nd channel of the Greek State Television (NET). The initial broadcast of the video (dedicated to Florina/Lerin region) was scheduled for 20.3.2005 but was postponed due to yet unknown-officially- reasons. According to the presenter, though, this decision was taken because inhabitants of a Florina/Lerin village stated on camera that the Greek state banned the use of their Macedonian mother tongue.

After EBLUL's official protest for the ban of the broadcast and in cooperation with Greek Helsinki Monitor the issue was brought to the UN Human Rights Committee (UNHRC) in Geneva. After the virulent criticism from the members of the Committee, Greece's representative claimed that the documentary was not broadcasted due to "technical reasons” only and promised it would be aired on the 27th of March, as it eventually happened.

The Greek Member State Committee of EBLUL wishes to thank the Greek Helsinki Monitor for its valuable help that led to the desired outcome, the broadcast of the video at its initial full length and content. Also expresses its gratitude to the UNHRC, the South East Europe Media Organization (SEEMO) and the Macedonian Human Rights Movement of Canada (MHRMC) for their contribution. EBLUL will continue to work closely with all the above mentioned and other international organizations, as well as with the Greek government, to further implement its core mission: the continuous promotion of the Lesser Used Languages in Greece and the European Union.

Athanasios Parisis
President of GMSC of EBLUL