Macedonian Human Rights Movement International
Resolution of the First Congress of the European Free Alliance - Rainbow Party

Today marks the conclusion of the 1st Congress of the European Free Alliance (EFA)-Rainbow Party (Evropska Slobodna Alijanca-Vinozhito), which was held in Thessaloniki / Solun. Rainbow-Vinozhito is an EFA member party in Greece.

This congress marks Rainbow's evolvement from a minority party of ethnic Macedonians in Greece to a political agency with a European orientation and an expanded character.

The party's European direction and expanded character is stated in the EFA Manifesto for the 13 June 2004 European elections and its campaign goals for better representation of its members in the European Parliament.

Recent political developments in Greece and the international arena show that the democratic/pro-European sector of the Greek people is expanding significantly, despite the fact that it continues to remain a minority political incentive. This fact sets the stage in Greece to effect further expansion of the ideological and political aspects of the European idea.

1) We call upon those citizens who agree with our party's political direction to support our efforts.

2) We also call upon those organized political forces that share parallel pro-European political incentives to enter into broader political alliances.

Thessaloniki / Solun 30 May 2004