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Macedonians From Golo Brdo Attend Gathering in Debar

(Dnevnik, 24.06.2004) - The three-day scientific gathering "Life on Border - Golo Brdo” ended Sunday with the sound of zurlas and drums, Golobrdo dances and songs, but also a few tears of joy.

The gathering was organized by the Macedonian Ethnological Association and the Centre for Ethnic Research from Tirana, presided by Kimet Fetahu, who is a renowned fighter for rights of Macedonians in Albania.

Several Golobrdo people from Albania also attended the meeting, who hope that with the opening of the new border crossing Dzepiste - Trebiste, the communication would improve. During the past two days, Dolno Kosovrasti was the place where papers were submitted, focusing on the social and economic conditions, ethnic coexistence, cooperation, ethnic culture, national literature and folk costumes of people from the area.

This area encompasses 28 villages, 22 of which ended up in Albanian territory, while 6 on Macedonian after the Balkan wars.

Despite everything they have passed through, the villagers speak pure Macedonian language. According to professor Aneta Svetieva, this research provided authentic data, which occurs for the first time since 1940. The research refers to villages from Golo Brdo on the Albanian side, and the villages on the Macedonian side will be researched soon.