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Greece Will Open the Border for Macedonian Political Refugees from August 10 to October 30

MILS NEWS (Macedonian Information and Liaison Service) - edited by the MHRMC

Political refugees from the civil war in Greece (1946-1949) will be able to enter this country during the period of August 10 to October 30 and they will be able to stay for 20 days in order to visit their birthplaces. This, as "Dnevnik" writes was announced yesterday by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The decision means that all Macedonian political refugees, which have been prevented from visiting their birthplaces will now be able to enter Greece. They will have to obtain Greek visas in order to enter the country. This decision is welcomed by the organizations of the Macedonian political refugees who believe that the Greek authorities have fulfilled their promise that the problem with the political refugees will be solved. Representatives of these organizations stated that they want to receive more information on the way political refugees will be able to enter Greece. According to them, the planned gathering of refugees for July 15 in Lerin most probably will be postponed for one month, i.e. after August 10.

The Macedonian ambassador in Athens, Blagoj Handziski, yesterday welcomed the decision of the Greek authorities. According to him this is a step forward with which one injustice is acknowledged and the problem with the political refugees will begin to be solved. Handziski stated that after the refugees are allowed to visit their birthplaces, the problems with citizenship, reclamation of property, etc. would also be solved.