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Another Canadian-Macedonian Denied Entry into Greece

The Macedonian Human Rights Movement of Canada (MHRMC) has learned that Mendo Petrevski, a Canadian citizen of Macedonian descent, was denied entry into Greece on May 30, 2002. This is the third documented incident in 2002 of a Canadian citizen being refused entry into Greece simply because of their ethnic background.

Mr. Petrevski attempted to enter Greece from the Republic of Macedonia at the Bogorodica-Negochani (Niki) border crossing. Two friends, both citizens of the Republic of Macedonia and travelling with Macedonian passports, entered Greece with no difficulties. The border official asked Mr. Petrevski a question in Greek, and when Mr. Petrevski replied in English that he did not speak Greek, the border official threw the passport at him and demanded that he return to the Republic of Macedonia. A moment later, the border official asked to see Mr. Petrevski's passport again and actually began speaking to him in Macedonian. The border official again threw the passport back at him and this time yelled "back” at him in Macedonian.

On June 26, 2002, Mr. Petrevski filed a formal complaint with Zhivko Gruevski, the Honorary Consul at the Canadian Consulate in Skopje, the Republic of Macedonia. Mr. Gruevski said that the complaint would be forwarded to the Canadian Embassy in Athens and that Mr. Petrevski would be informed of any progress. Eight months later, Mr. Petrevski finally received a response from the Canadian Consulate in Skopje. They stated that nothing could be done since Mr. Petrevski did not receive any border documents and did not know the official's name.

The Macedonian Human Rights Movement of Canada calls on the international community to apply pressure on Greece to end its racial profiling of individuals of Macedonian ethnic background. The MHRMC specifically asks that the Canadian government demand to know the reasons why Greece continuously denies Canadian citizens entry into Greece for no apparent reason other than simple racism. Greece claims to be the "cradle of democracy” yet it consistently proves to be among the worst human rights offenders in Europe and a disgrace to the European Union.

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