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EFA's Second Letter of Concern to the Greek Prime Minister Regarding Vinozhito Congress

Concerning: The congress of the Rainbow party for the 7th of December 2003

European Free Alliance in the European Parliament

To Mr. Costantine Simitis
Prime Minister of Greece
Maximos Mansion

Dear Mr Simitis,

With this letter I want to inform you about the latest developments and on the difficulties of one of our sister parties in Greece, the Rainbow party.

The Congress of Rainbow party should be held in Edessa-Voden at the Congress Hall "Megas Alexandros” - Alexander the Great next weekend on the 7th of December. This hall is used by the local Cultural Association - Alexander the Great but the hall is also used by all the local authorities, even the Mayor. The president of the association is Mr. Papas Vasilios.

The problem is that after demonstrations from extremists in Edessa, last Sunday, personal threats from them and also orders and pressure from circles of the secret police have put Mr. Papas and the Mayor under pressure. They are advised not to take responsibility and they try to prevent the Rainbow Party from having its Congress. Mr George Liannis, Deputy of the Ministry of Culture, is informed about this.

Can you please interfere by giving your support and enabling the Rainbow party to hold their Congress meeting this weekend. We would like to ask you to contact Mr. Papas and the mayor of Edessa in this respect.

With the highest respect,

Nelly Maes
Member of the European Parliament
President of the European Free Alliance

Wiertzstraat 60
1047 Brussels