Macedonian Human Rights Movement International
Macedonians in Albania Request Teaching of Macedonian Language

Macedonians in Albania do not have even the minimum civil rights which they had during the regime of Enver Hodxa, when they were able to a certain level to be educated on Macedonian language. Recently formed association of Macedonians in Albania "Peace" in which four Macedonian associations are members, will insist at official authorities in Tirana the teaching in elementary and secondary to be performed on Macedonian language in all regions where concentration of Macedonians is bigger. Also this Macedonian association will request introduction of emissions on Macedonian language on the State radio and television, as contribution to saving cultural identity of the Macedonian ethnical community in Albania and stopping of its cultural discrimination. This, as "Utrinski Vesnik" reports is highlighted on the tribune organized by the Institute Open Society - Soros, which was held in Trabiste on subject "Co-living between Macedonians and Albanians in Golo Brdo". Promoter of the tribune was Kimet Fetahu, Macedonian from Golo Brdo, Professor on Mine Faculty in Tirana and President of the Association of Macedonians "Peace" with residence in Tirana. Participants in the discussion pointed to the economic lack of power and social poverty of Macedonians in Albania, as well as the fact that in the regions where Macedonians live in Albania there are no communal, traffic and other types of infrastructure. Opening of border cross between Trabiste and Macedonian village of Dzepciste was also requested.