Macedonian Human Rights Movement International
Rainbow Party Trial Did Not Take Place

The trial of four leading activists of `Vinozhito' (an organisation of Macedonians in Greece), scheduled at Lerin for yesterday, has been postponed i.e. re-scheduled for 15th September 1998. The four activists were held liable for using their native language. MTV reports that the trial had been cancelled six hours after its planned commencement, allegedly because of the urgent addressing of another case. This `priority' case being the apprehension of several East European females working at Lerin's night clubs without a permit. The Greek criminal law requires the speedy processing of such cases, which is why the `Vinozhito' trial will take place - next year.

Charges pressed against the four activists declared them responsible of inciting inter-ethnic hatred by marking their offices with a bilingual plaque, containing the Slavic equivalent of the toponym `Florina' and the term `Committee' which - according to Greek authorities - confirmed that this organisation embodied a descendant of former terrorist organisations spreading fear among the Greek population in the north of the country in past times.

News release courtesy of MILS (Macedonian Information and Liaison Service).