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OSCE 2002 - Human Dimension Implementation Meeting - Statements by the International Helsinki Federation
The following are excerpts from IHF's report at the 2002 OSCE meeting. TOLERANCE AND NON-DISCRIMINATION: National Minorities Greece continues its policy not to recognize any national or ethnic minority in its territory despite the presence of large Turkish and Macedonian minorities. The word "Turkish” still creates difficulties for those who used it.
Another Canadian Human Rights Activist Rejected at Greek Border
Done Rakovsky, a Canadian citizen of ethnic Macedonian descent, was turned back by Greek officials at the border between the Republic of Macedonia and Greece on May 9, 2002. Mr. Rakovsky attempted to cross the Bogorodica-Negochani (Niki) border crossing to visit the land of his birth.
Greek Newspaper Vilifies Priest Fighting to Provide Macedonian Church Service in Greece
Father Tsarknias, a Macedonian Orthodox priest, is fighting to reintroduce the centuries old tradition of Macedonian religious services to members of Greece's oppressed Macedonian minority. Greek Helsinki Monitor and Minority Rights Group - Greece Press Release Topic: Daily "Eleftherotypia" Slanders Macedonian Minority Priest but Does Not Publish ...
Rainbow Party Erects Macedonian Language Sign in Lerin/Florina
Lerin/Florina On Thursday, July 25, 2002 at approximately 1:00 pm, the Rainbow Party erected a sign outside their office in Lerin/Florina. The sign contained the text "Rainbow - European Movement” in Greek, Macedonian, and English. That morning, Pavle Voskopoulos, member of the Political Secretariat of Rainbow, visited the public prosecutor ...
Macedonians From Neighbouring Countries Who Received Citizenship Can Vote
Macedonians from Albania, Greece, Bulgaria and Serbia and the Gorans from Kosovo, which last week expressly got Macedonian citizenship will be able to vote on forthcoming elections in any unit they choose to vote, confirmed for "Dnevnik" sources from state's leadership. For now it is impossible those persons to vote ...
Macedonians in Albania Open Radio Station
MACEDONIANS FROM PUSTEC GOT RADIO ON THEIR MOTHER LANGUAGE Representatives of "Prespa", Macedonian association in Albania, on the biggest Macedonian holiday opened first radio-station "Radio Pustec". The radio broadcasts experimental six-hours program on Macedonian language. It can be received by four inhabited places in Mala Prespa: Leska, Sulin, Zernovsko and Pustec.
Canadian Human Rights Activist Rejected at Greek Border
Steve Pliakes, a well-known ethnic Macedonian activist from Canada, was turned back by Greek border officials at the border between the Republics of Macedonia and Greece. Mr. Pliakes attempted to cross the Bogorodica-Negocani (Niki) border crossing on July 6, 2002 to visit the land of his birth.
Resolution and Declaration for Promotion of the National Minority Status and Rights in the Republic of Albania
ACCORDING to the Charter of the United Nations, the Universal declaration for human rights, the European convention for protection of human rights and elementary freedom, the International convention for elimination of all forms of racial discrimination, the Convention for children's rights, the Final Helsinki document, the document from the Copenhagen ...
Macedonians in Albania Request Teaching of Macedonian Language
Macedonians in Albania do not have even the minimum civil rights which they had during the regime of Enver Hodxa, when they were able to a certain level to be educated on Macedonian language. Recently formed association of Macedonians in Albania "Peace" in which four Macedonian associations are members, will ...
GHM Statement to the Helsinki Commission Hearing on "Human Rights in Greece: A Snapshot of the Cradle of Democracy"
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