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OSCE Implementation Meeting - Rule of law II - Statement on Protection of Human Rights in Greece
Working Session 9: Rule of law II Statement on Protection of Human Rights in Greece, Macedonian Human Rights Movement Agias Sofias 13 Aridea, Pellis Greece 58 400 Tel.: + 30 2384023-271 Fax: + 30 2384021-778 Dear Mr. Moderator, Ladies and Gentlemen, We, the Macedonians of Greece strongly believe that the measure of every democratic and civilized country is the protection of human rights.
Liberal Party of Canada Fails to Reprimand Racist MP
Since Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis vented his personal racist feelings by referring to Macedonians as "Skopjans", the Macedonian community has demanded that he be reprimanded and that the Liberal Party issue an apology. Instead, the Liberals chose to completely ignore the issue and send a form letter to every person who complained.
United Nations General Assembly - Macedonia name debate unfolds in UN
Greece strongly objected the use of constitutional name of the Republic of Macedonia at the session of the UN General Assembly, chaired by Macedonian representative Srgjan Kerim. Kerim, who presided the 62nd session of the UN General Assembly, had introduced the head of state Branko Crvenkovski as a President of the Republic of Macedonia, which outraged a Greek representative to the UN, western news agencies said.
Canada Changes Policy on Macedonia Name
Leaders of Canada's Greek community have vowed to punish the Conservative Party in the next election if it continues to call one of Greece's northern neighbours the Republic of Macedonia. "We will, of course, voice our displeasure in the next federal election," Sotiris Sotiropoulos, president of the Greater Toronto Greek Canadian Association, said in an interview on Parliament Hill on Monday.
MHRMI Applauds Canada's Recognition of Macedonia's Constitutional Name - Press Release
Macedonian Human Rights Movement International - Press Release Toronto, Canada - Macedonian Human Rights Movement International (MHRMI) thanks the Canadian government for its recognition of the Republic of Macedonia under its constitutional name. "This will lead to greater stability in the Republic of Macedonia, the Balkan region and for the Macedonian minority in the neighbouring countries.
United Macedonian Diaspora: Canada Recognizes Macedonia's Constitutional Name
The United Macedonian Diaspora is pleased to announce that Canada recognized Macedonia by its constitutional name. UMD congratulates all Canadian-Macedonians on this momentous occasion - their dedication, perseverance, and endless efforts contributed towards this positive change of Canadian policy.
Reuters: Canada recognizes Macedonia under disputed name
Skopje (Reuters) - Canada has recognized the former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia as Macedonia, the name rejected by neighbour Greece for the past 16 years, a senior government official said on Thursday. The name is one of the most emotive foreign policy issues in Greece. Macedonia is also the name of Greece's northern province, birthplace of Alexander the Great.