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Macedonians in Albania Request Teaching of Macedonian Language
Macedonians in Albania do not have even the minimum civil rights which they had during the regime of Enver Hodxa, when they were able to a certain level to be educated on Macedonian language. Recently formed association of Macedonians in Albania "Peace" in which four Macedonian associations are members, will ...
GHM Statement to the Helsinki Commission Hearing on "Human Rights in Greece: A Snapshot of the Cradle of Democracy"
GREEK HELSINKI MONITOR (GHM) - Address: P.O. Box 60820, 15304 Glyka Nera - Telephone: (+3) 010.347.22.59. Fax: (+3) 010.601.87.60.
Amnesty International Report 2002
Amnesty International Report 2002
Macedonian Books Burned at Exhibition in Greece
Macedonian MFA protests to Greek MFA about book destruction incident in Thessaloniki Book Exhibition Republic of Macedonia Agency of Information Macedonia - Greece INCIDENT AT THE BOOK FAIR IN THESSALONIKI Skopje, May 31 - A group of unknown young people Wednesday broke into the stand ...
International Helsinki Federation 2002 Annual Report - Greece
Human Rights in the OSCE Region: The Balkans, the Caucasus, Europe, Central Asia and North America - Report 2002 (events 2001) Greece did not make much progress in furthering the protection of human rights during 2001. The extensive violation of minority rights continued despite sharp criticism from the relevant international bodies.
International Helsinki Federation 2002 Annual Report - Bulgaria
Human Rights in the OSCE Region: The Balkans, the Caucasus, Europe, Central Asia and North America - Report 2002 (events 2001) Freedom of Expression and Media The right to freedom of speech of Bulgarian citizens of Macedonian self-determination was violated on several occasions by criminal prosecutions for the distribution of printed materials.
Report About Minorities and Media in Greece
By: Georgios N. Papadakis- "Express” Daily Financial Newspaper-Athens Unfortunately, the general situation in Greece as far as all kinds of minorities are concerned cannot be yet characterized as satisfactory, although significant progress was made over the past 10-15 years. Being a member of the European Union, Greece was (and still ...
Greece Still Scores Last on Press Freedom
Press Release - Greek Helsinki Monitor TOPIC: WORLD PRESS FREEDOM DAY (3 MAY). GREECE STILL SCORES LAST ON PRESS FREEDOM. Greek Helsinki Monitor (GHM), on the occasion of tomorrow's World Press Freedom Day, points out that, among the countries with a long democratic tradition, Greece is regrettably the one with the least respect for press freedom.
MILS News: "Bulgaria Changes the Relation Towards Macedonian Minority"
Macedonians from Bulgaria yesterday without any pressures or threats by the police, celebrated the anniversary of the murder of Macedonian revolutionary, Jane Sandanski. On the celebration in the Rozen Monastery near the city of Sandanski, the Bulgarian police did not make any trouble, as it was the case in the previous ten years, reports "Deutsche Welle" radio.
MILS News: "Bulgaria Will Acknowledge Macedonian Minority?"
Bulgaria will acknowledge Macedonian minority , reports Bulgarian agency "Focus" calling upon preposition-document prepared by the Council for Ethnical Issues of the Bulgarian Government. Argument for acknowledging the Macedonian minority is the fact that on the last census in Bulgaria 10.000 persons declared as Macedonians, and 250.000 citizens declared as Macedonians in the first post-war censuses.