Macedonian Human Rights Movement International


European Court Trial Against Greece
Hristo Sideropoulos, along with several other founders of the Macedonian Cultural Centre in Lerin, filed a court case against the Greek government at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg on Tuesday, March 24, 1998. The Macedonians have been struggling to open this cultural centre since 1990, but the Greek government has done everything in its power to prevent this.
Dance Group From Aegean Macedonia Performs in Canada
For the first time ever, a dance group from Aegean Macedonia has performed in Canada. This momentous occasion took place at the 19th annual reunion of the Deca Begalci on March 21, 1998. Despite threats from the Greek authorities and Greek organizations such as the "Pan-Macedonian" organization, fifteen performers from villages all over Aegean Macedonia including Lerin, Voden and Kukush made the trip to Toronto.
Trajan Pasois Trial - Amnesty International Press Release
TRAIANOS PASOIS ON TRIAL FOR ENTERING THE COUNTRY WITH TWO MACEDONIAN WALL CALENDARS Amnesty International will adopt Traianos Pasois, a member of the ethnic Macedonian minority party "Rainbow", as a prisoner of conscience and will call for his immediate and unconditional release should he be imprisoned after his trial in Florina (Lerin) today, the human rights organization said in a letter to the Greek Government.