Macedonian Human Rights Movement International
European Commission against Racism and Intolerance Second Report on Greece
In the following report, ECRI recommends to the Greek authorities that further action be taken to combat racism, xenophobia, antisemitism and intolerance in a number of areas. These recommendations cover, inter alia, the need for the fine-tuning and effective implementation of existing legislation, the need to strengthen and effectively implement ...
International Helsinki Federation Periodic Report on Bulgaria
BULGARIA: MACEDONIAN-BASED PARTY DECLARED UNCONSTITUTIONAL On 29 February, the Constitutional Court in Bulgaria declared a Macedonian-based political party (OMO "Ilinden" - PIRIN) unconstitutional. This decision is in violation of the right to freedom of association and the right to freedom from discrimination and could lead to an effective ban on ...
Request for Recognition of the Macedonian Language in Greece
The Greens/European Free Alliance In the European Parliament Rue Wiertz, 1047 Belgium, Tel: 2-2943045; Fax: 2-2307837 To: The Prime Minister of the Republic of Greece Kostas Simitis Dear Mr. Simitis, In the name of the Green/European Alliance Group in the European Parliament, we would like to voice our concerns regarding ...
Declaring a Macedonian-based Party Unconstitutional, Bulgarian Constitutional Court Violates Basic Political Rights
Statement by the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee, the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights of the Republic of Macedonia, and the International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights 1 March 2000. - On 29 February 2000, the Constitutional Court in Bulgaria declared a Macedonian-based political party, OMO "Ilinden" - PIRIN, unconstitutional, in violation ...
MHRMC Response to National Geographic Article on the Balkans
To the Editor: "The Balkans” map supplement was intended to provide a comprehensive analysis of an area in which ethnic tensions have frequently erupted into conflict. However, it only perpetuated the myths that have often been the source of these conflicts. For example, National Geographic seems to adhere to the Greek position that this country is ethnically homogenous.
IHF Periodic Report from the OSCE Region: Bulgaria
Local elections were held in Bulgaria on 16 October 1999. The pre-election campaign turned violent in certain areas, with physical attacks on mayoral candidates, threats, bombings and one killing. Turnout in the elections was, at 45 percent, the lowest since democratic changes began in 1989.
Appeal to the OSCE from the Ethnic Macedonians in Greece, Bulgaria and Albania
Istanbul Summit, November 18-19, 1999 The Ethnic Macedonians from the neighbouring countries of the Republic Macedonia, especially Greece and Bulgaria, in the past ten years had made big efforts to attract the attention of the international community in regards to the gross injustice done to them by the state structures in the countries where they live.
Human Rights Watch World Report 2000
Human Rights Watch World Report 2000
Macedonian Organization Registered for Elections in Bulgaria
On 30 August 1999, the Bulgarian Supreme Administrative Court ruled that the United Macedonian Organization "Ilinden" - PIRIN (a party for economic development and integration of the population) would be able to participate in the October local elections. Thus, the magistrates overruled the decision of the Central Commission for Local ...
Intervention on Statelessness at OSCE Review Conference
At the 1999 OSCE Review Conference, the Greek Helsinki Monitor and Minority Rights Group-Greece made an intervention regarding the situation of stateless persons in Greece: The two NGOs welcomed the 1998 abolition of article 19 of the Greek Citizenship Code (Law 3370 of 1955) which provided that a "person of ...