Macedonian Human Rights Movement International
Appeal for Minority Rights in Greece
We call upon Greece to ratify, without any declaration or reservation, the Council of Europe's Framework Convention on National Minorities (FCNM), and to recognize the presence on its territory of minorities, according to the prevailing international standards, as specified inter alia in General Comment by the UN Human Rights Committee ...
A Delegation from the EFA and EP visits Northern Greece
News Item Courtesy of the Rainbow Party On Monday, November 20th, 2001, a member of the European Parliament, Mr. Mayol, along with Dr. George Nakratzas (political advisor of the European Free Alliance (EFA) on minority issues in the Balkans) as well as representatives of RAINBOW - Vinozhito (the political party of the Macedonian minority in Greece) visited the mayor of the municipality of Edessa (Voden), Mr.
Macedonian Religious Service in Greece
"St. Zlata Meglenska" Church, located in the Sabotsko municipality in Meglen, Greece, has entered the history of the Macedonian minority in Aegean Macedonia. As Radio Deutsche Welle reports, a Macedonian language religious service was allowed to take place for the first time without any interference from Greek authorities.
Macedonians in Albania Demand Their Rights
At the conference in organization of the European Council held Friday in Tirana, national minorities in Albania spoke up , demanding realization of their basic rights i.e. right to education in their mother language, right to informing as well as participation in state administrative sphere. Macedonians, Greeks, Serbs, Montenegrins, ...
Media Freedoms and Minorities in Greece and in the Balkans
Greek Helsinki Monitor Home of Macedonian Culture Rainbow - Organization of the Macedonian Minority in Greece Minority Rights Group - Greece Our organizations support the recommendations below on greater freedom of movement in the Balkans, and welcome their endorsement by the Southeast Europe Media Organization (SEEMO) Print Media Committee and its commitment to help implement them.
Macedonians Win Landmark European Court Case Against Bulgaria
Press release issued by the Registrar For the full text of the judgement please visit: CHAMBER JUDGMENT IN THE CASE OF STANKOV AND THE UNITED MACEDONIAN ORGANISATION ILINDEN v. BULGARIA The European Court of Human Rights has today notified in writing judgment [fn] in ...
OSCE 2001: Southern Balkans - A 'Macedoine' of Minority Problems, Report by GHM and MRG-G
Greek Helsinki Monitor and Minority Rights Group-Greece Report GHM and MRG-G have been actively involved in minority rights research and advocacy in the Balkans through their joint Center of Documentation and Information on Minorities in Europe - Southeast Europe (CEDIME-SE). CEDIME-SE is a founding member of the Consortium of Minority Resources (COMIR), which has a European scope.
OSCE Implementation Meeting - National Minorities, International Helsinki Federation Statement
IHF Report In Greece, an unprecedented debate on the possible modernization of the country's minority policies was initiated in 1999. However, after a wave of negative reactions among politicians and in the media the debate subsided. As a result, policies of the non-recognition of ethnic minorities still prevail.
Clarification of News Story re: Platform of Macedonian Minorities and Diaspora
Joint Press Release by the MHRMC and Vinozhito The Macedonian Human Rights Movement of Canada ("MHRMC") and Vinozhito (Rainbow) - Greece, would like to clarify the news report that was released on August 29, 2001 regarding the "Platform of Macedonian Minorities and Diaspora". While the MHRMC and Vinozhito did attend ...
Greece's Dangerous Games in the Balkans
Statement by the Rainbow Party In response to the discussion in the Greek Parliament's Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee on 29.08.01 and to what was said on that occasion regarding the crisis in the Republic of Macedonia, RAINBOW wishes to make the following statement: We feel obliged as ...