Macedonian Human Rights Movement International
Report on Greece to the 1999 OSCE Implementation Meeting
Minority rights Introduction Greece is the only Southeast European country that does not recognize the presence of any national minorities on its territory. Turks are recognized as a mere "religious, Muslim” minority (which nevertheless is educated in Turkish), while Macedonians are not considered even a linguistic minority.
IHF: Letter to Greek PM on MFA and National Minorities
H.E. Costas Simitis Prime Minister, Athens in care of the Embassy of Greece, Vienna Vienna, 20 August 1999 OPEN LETTER Dear Mr. Simitis, I am writing on behalf of the International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights (IHF), which represents human rights monitoring groups in 37 countries in the OSCE ...
OSCE Review Conference - IHF Report on Greece
The following are excerpts from the IHF's report regarding Greece and its treatment of minorities. For the full text, please visit the IHF's homepage. National Minorities Greece is the only Southeast European country that does not recognize the presence of any national minorities in its territory.
Appeal for Recognition of Minorities in Greece
The following are excerpts from the International Helsinki Federation's 1999 Report on Greece. For the full text please click here IHF FOCUS: Freedom of expression and media; protection of ethnic minorities; citizenship; religious tolerance; protection of asylum seekers and immigrants. Government efforts to improve Greece's traditionally poor human rights record ...
Rainbow Party Press Release in Regard to Recent Statements Made in the Media
RAINBOW -- OURANIO TOXO STEFANOU DRAGOUMI 11 PO BOX 51 53100 FLORINA GREECE tel-fax: 0385 46548, 45O44 E-mail: Web: Florina - Lerin 29/01/1999 In regard to the recent statements made to the media by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Ljupcho Georgievski, the Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr.
Vinozhito and Other Macedonian NGOs' Reactions to Pangalos Statements
Greek Helsinki Monitor Press Release - Jan. 20, 1999 Following the statements by the Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs Theodoros Pangalos, during his visit to the Republic of Macedonia, that "there is no Macedonian minority in Greece", that "Vinozhito" won only 1700 votes", that "it is a collection of Slavomacedonians, ...
Human Rights Watch World Report - Greece "A number of human rights abuses continued to plague Greece during 1998, especially regarding the treatment of the Turkish and Macedonian minorities, as well as of migrants. There continued to be government-imposed restrictions on freedom of expression and freedom of worship.
OSCE 1998 - Conference - Human Dimension Issues - Report by GHM
Introduction Greece formally recognizes only one "religious" minority, the "Muslims" of Thrace whose fundamental rights are formally guaranteed by the 1923 Treaty of Lausanne. (Ethno)national minorities of Turks and Macedonians are denied recognition. Minorities that are not officially recognized have often suffered restrictions to their freedom of expression and association.
OSCE 1998 - Conference - Human Dimension Issues - Report by Rainbow
Written Presentation of the speech of Mr. Voskopoulos Pavlos member of the Organization RAINBOW - (VINOZITO) Organization of the National Macedonian minority of Greece on 03.11.1998 Mr. Moderator, Ladies and Gentleman, I am not happy today because I will accuse my country, but I believe as citizen of Greece and as European citizen that this will be helpful for the further democratization of my country.
OSCE Conference 12 November - 28 November 1997, Warsaw
The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe is dedicated to achieving, "a wide range of security-related issues including arms control, preventive diplomacy, confidence- and security-building measures, human rights, election monitoring and economic and environmental security." The Macedonian Human Rights Movement of Canada sent several Macedonian delegates to the ...