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December 18, 2006
OMO Ilinden PIRIN Open Letter to the President of Bulgaria

December 4, 2006
OMO Ilinden PIRIN Condemns Bulgarian Human Rights Violations Against Macedonian Minority

November 29, 2006
EFA Press Release - Right to self-determination: “Only Macedonians can define themselves as Minority”

November 28, 2006
Press Conference - Brussels: Bulgaria's Accession to the EU - Respect for Minorities

November 21, 2006
Council of Europe and Olli Rehn declare that Bulgaria should register OMO “Ilinden” Pirin

November 21, 2006
Helsinki Committees Denounce Anti-Minority Rhetoric and Discrimination in Bulgaria

November 13, 2006
UMD and MHRMI Call on the European Union to Ensure that Human Rights are Respected by the Bulgarian Government

October 31, 2006
Bulgaria: Minority Rights a Prerequisite to EU Membership

October 30, 2006
EU Fails National Minorities in Bulgaria and Greece

October 25, 2006
EFA Letter Regarding Breaches of Human Rights in Bulgaria

October 23, 2006
Greek State News Agency and Media Distort State Department Position on Macedonian Language and Ethnicity

October 23, 2006
EBLUL's Response to Greek Media's Distortion of State Department Position on Macedonian Language and Ethnicity

October 22, 2006
MHRMI Appeals to International Community to Intervene on Behalf of Oppressed Macedonian Minority in Bulgaria

October 20, 2006
EFA Letter to EU Commissioner on Enlargement Regarding Human Rights Abuses Against Macedonians in Bulgaria

October 12, 2006
USA Calls On Greece to Respect Macedonian Minority

October 12, 2006
Promotion of the Macedonian Language Primer at the Annual OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting

October 2-13, 2006
OSCE 2006 - Human Dimension Implementation Meeting

Consolidated Summary (.pdf format)
Compilation of Written Recommendations (.pdf format)
United States Delegation Statement - Promotion of Tolerance and Non-Discrimination National Minorities
Promotion of the Macedonian Language Primer
Промоција на букварот на македонски јазик
Promotion of Tolerance and Non-Discrimination, National Minorities - Statement by the Greek Delegation
Унапредување на толеранцијата и не-дискриминацијата, Национални малцинства - Излагање на грчката делегација
National Minorities - Statement of Rainbow
Национални малцинства - Излагање на Виножито
National Minorities - Statement of the Home of Macedonian Culture
Национални малцинства - Излагање на Домот на македонската култура
Freedom of Thought, Conscience, Religion or Belief - Statement of Rainbow
Основни слободи, слобода на мислење, совест, религија или верување - Излагање на Виножито
Fundamental Freedoms II - Statement by the Greek Delegation
Основни слободи II - Излагање на грчката делегација
Fundamental Freedoms II - Statement by the Greek Delegation, in Exercise of Its Right of Reply
Основни слободи II - Излагање на грчката делегација, користејќи го правото на реплика
Freedom of Association - Statement of the Home of Macedonian Culture
Слобода на здружување - Излагање на Домот на македонската култура
Freedom of Movement - Statement of Rainbow
Слобода на движењето - Излагање на Виножито
Freedom of Association - Statement of the Home of Macedonian Culture
Democracy at the National, Regional and Local Levels - Statement of Rainbow
Демократијата на национални, регионални и локални нивоа - Излагање на Виножито
Citizenship and Political Rights - Statement of the Home of Macedonian Culture
Државјанство и политички права - Излагање на Домот на македонската култура
Democratic Institutions - Statement by the Greek Delegation
Демократски институции - Излагање на грчката делегација
Statement made by Mr. Zoran Todorov, member of the Delegation of the Republic of Macedonia
Излагање на г-дин Зоран Тодоров, член на делегацијата на Република Македонија

October 6, 2006
Bulgaria Deliberately Postponing Registration of Macedonian Party

October 4, 2006
Ethnic Macedonian Political Party in Bulgaria Set to Register and is Positive on EU Accession

October 3, 2006
Macedonian Abecedar re-published in Greece after 81 years

September 20, 2006
Greece and Bulgaria Fail to Comply on National Minority Rights Says Catalan MEP

September 19, 2006
Bulgarian Media Sets New Low for Publicly Sanctioned Racism Against Macedonians

September 16, 2006
U.S. State Department International Religious Freedom Report 2006

September 14, 2006
MHRMI Condemns Defamation of Ethnic Macedonians by Bulgarian Media
ММДЧП ги осудува бугарските медиуми за клеветење против етничките Македонци

September 14, 2006
European Parliament Members Report on Macedonian Minority in Greece and Bulgaria

July 21, 2006
MHRMI Calls on Bulgarian Authorities to Respect Freedom of Assembly for Upcoming Macedonian Commemoration
ММДЧП бара од бугарските власти да ја почитуваат слободата на собири за престојните македонски прослави

July 7, 2006
MHRMI Response to Times Article Referring to Macedonians as "Slavs"
МНДЧП реагира на натписот во Тајмс во кој што Македонците се нарекуваат “Словени“
Times Responds to Macedonians' Complaints About "Slav" Reference

June 28, 2006
MHRMI Condemns Bulgaria's Racist Coverage of Macedonian Party Congress
ММДЧП ја осудува бугарската расистичка репортажа за конгресот на македонската партија

May 21, 2006
Greek President Denies Existence of Macedonian Minority in Greece
Грчкиот претседател негира постоење на македонско малцинство во Република Грција

April 10, 2006
Eva Bidania (European Free Alliance Youth) Visits the Macedonian Minority in Greece

April 8, 2006
International Helsinki Federation 2006 Annual Report

April 3, 2006
MHRMI 2006 Annual Report - The Macedonian Minority in Greece

March 28, 2006
Greece: Human rights defenders’ harassment in 2005 – The Observatory report

March 22, 2006
EFAY Visits EFA-Rainbow

March 16, 2006
EFA-Rainbow Responds to US State Department Report

March 9, 2006
US State Department Continues to Misrepresent the Macedonian Minority in Greece

February 21, 2006
EFA-Rainbow Brings the Slanderers in Front of Justice

January 19, 2006
Macedonian Minority Organization, OMO Ilinden, Wins Another European Court of Human Rights Case Against Bulgaria

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