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December 17, 2004
MHRMC Urges Canada to Immediately Recognize Macedonia

December 15, 2004
Question Posed in the European Parliament Concerning the Home of Macedonian Culture

November 30, 2004
Radio France International: Report on Macedonians in Bulgaria

November 26, 2004
European Union Threatens to Sue Greece Over Minority Issues

November 25, 2004
MHRMC Letter to the Editor: "Alexander is Rolling in His Grave"

November 24, 2004
Macedonian Minority Organization OMO Pirin Intimidated by Bulgarian Police and Nationalists at Macedonian Commemoration

November 14, 2004
MEP's 'Will Shame States Ignoring Racism Laws' - Greece and Germany Already Named

November 1, 2004
DVD for sale: Historic First Congress of Rainbow/Vinozhito - Solun 2004

October 12, 2004
OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting

Eurolang Press Release - Macedonian Minority Criticizes Greece at OSCE Conference
MHRMC Report - The Macedonian Minority in Greece
MHRMC Report - The Macedonian Minority in Bulgaria
MHRMC Report - The Macedonian Minority in Albania

September 20, 2004
US State Department International Religious Freedom Report 2004

July 4, 2004
European Court of Human Rights Considers Admissible the Appeal of Macedonian Party Against Greece
(.doc format, in French)

June 24, 2004
Macedonians From Golo Brdo Attend Gathering in Debar

June 20, 2004
Macedonian Refugees and World Refugee Day

June 17, 2004
Law Society of Upper Canada Honours Macedonian Lawyer Chris Paliare

June 11, 2004
Australian Macedonian Human Rights Committee Review of ECRI's Third Report on Greece (.pdf format)

June 9, 2004
Radio Station Owner Arrested in Greece for Broadcasting in Macedonian Language

June 8, 2004
European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance Recommends that Greece Recognize Macedonian Minority

June 4, 2004
Rainbow/Vinozhito Denounces Greek Neo-Nazi Interference at Party's First Congress

June 2, 2004
Press Release Regarding Rainbow/Vinozhito's First Congress

June 1, 2004
Greek Helsinki Monitor 2003 Activity Report

May 30, 2004
Resolution of the First Congress of the European Free Alliance - Rainbow Party

May 30, 2004
Issue - Macedonian Minority Party, Rainbow-Vinozhito, Re-Schedules Congress After Greek Neo-Nazis Force its Cancellation

May 30, 2004
Greek Neo-Nazis Try to Bust Up Macedonian Minority Party Congress

May 28, 2004
GHM Urges Sanctions Against Thessaloniki (Solun) Prefect for Intolerant Statement Against Macedonian Minority Party Rainbow

May 25, 2004
Greece Sentences Macedonian Priest to Three Month Prison Term

May 22, 2004
MILS News: ECRI Report Asks Greece to Recognize Macedonian Minority

May 22, 2004
FUEN Asks the Greek Prime Minister to Ensure the Safety of Macedonian Minority Congress

May 17, 2004
President of EFA Asks the Greek Prime Minister to Ensure the Safety of Macedonian Minority Congress

May 12, 2004
Rainbow/Vinozhito Congress - Solun, May 30, 2004

May 11, 2004
MHRMC Condemns US State Departmentís Continued Misrepresentation of the Macedonian Minority in Greece

May 10, 2004
United Nations 60th Session of the Commission on Human Rights

MHRMC Press Release - Macedonian Delegation at the UN Commission on Human Rights
MHRMC Report - The Macedonian Minority in Albania
MHRMC Report - The Macedonian Minority in Bulgaria
MHRMC Report - The Macedonian Minority in Greece

May 8, 2004
Radio France Internationale Presented Two Reports About the Macedonians in Bulgaria

April 29, 2004
Macedonian National Minority Party, Vinozhito-Rainbow, Reschedules Congress

April 12, 2004
Letter to President Bush Regarding the Name of the Republic of Macedonia

April 9, 2004
Response to the "Pan-Macedonian" Association's Letter to George Bush Regarding Cyprus

March 27, 2004
MHRMC 2004 Annual Report - The Macedonian Minority in Greece

March 25, 2004
Open Letter to Council of Europe Secretary General, Walter Schwimmer, on CoE Use of the Name Macedonia

March 18, 2004
AMHRC strongly condemns the discriminatory statement issued by the Secretariat of the Council of Europe (.pdf format)

March 12, 2004
IPI 2003 World Press Freedom Review: Greece

March 6, 2004
Letter to Greek Consulate in Toronto Regarding Greece's Pledge to Abolish Blacklist of Ethnic Macedonians

February 24, 2004
Rainbow/Vinozhito Newsletter - Info Zora No.12 (.pdf format)

February 20, 2004
Macedonia's Albanian Leader Arben Dxaferi Denies Existence of Macedonians in Albania

February 6, 2004
New Report Criticizes Bulgaria Over Macedonian Minority

January 27, 2004
Council of Europe's ECRI recommends that Bulgaria acknowledges the existence of Macedonians and Pomaks

January 21, 2004
New Inadmissible Rejection of Macedonian Association's Registration Despite Previous Condemnation of Greece by the European Court of Human Rights

January 20, 2004
Greek Government Bans Macedonian Cultural Centre

January 14, 2004
EBLUL Report on the Case of the Home of Macedonian Culture

January 12, 2004
MILS News: Greece Liberalizes Visa Regime Towards Macedonia

January 9, 2004
MILS News: Cancellation by Greece of "black lists" for Macedonian Refugees as Announced in Skopje

January 7, 2004
Still No Official Greek Response to Two Cancellations of the Vinozhito-Rainbow Congress

January 7, 2004
Bulgarian Helsinki Committee's Alternative Report on the Implementation of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities

January 7, 2004
Skeptical Macedonians Welcome Lifting of Ban

January 1, 2004
Greece Raises Restrictions on Exiled Macedonians

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