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December 30, 2003
Macedonian Human Rights Activist Harassed Entering Bulgaria

December 16, 2003
The Revival of the Extreme Right and Fascism in Greece

December 16, 2003
Examples of Greek Racist Advertising Against the Rainbow Congress:
Nov. 13 | Nov. 27 | Nov. 30 | Dec. 4 | Dec. 4 | Dec. 4

December 15, 2003
Photographs of Greek Neo-Nazi Demonstration That Forced the Cancellation of Macedonian Minority Party Congress
Photo Gallery

December 11, 2003
European Free Alliance Reports on Greek Discrimination Against Macedonian Minority

December 10, 2003
Десничарите вршат притисок врз „Виножито“

December 10, 2003
Притисоци врз партијата на Македонците во Грција „Виножито“

December 9, 2003
Eurolang: Rainbow Party Congress Cancelled Twice Following Threats From Greek Far Right

December 8, 2003
Minority Rights Group on the Cancellation of the Vinozhito Congress

December 8, 2003
European Free Alliance Responds to Cancellation of Vinozhito Congress

December 8, 2003
Vinozhito - Press Release, After Greek Neo-Nazis Force Cancellation of Macedonian Minority Party Congress
Виножито - Соопштение за медиумите, After Greek Neo-Nazis Force Cancellation of Macedonian Minority Party Congress

December 3, 2003
EFA's Second Letter of Concern to the Greek Prime Minister Regarding Vinozhito Congress

December 1, 2003
EFA's First Letter of Concern to the Greek Prime Minister Regarding Vinozhito Congress

December 1, 2003
Lecture by JSG Gandeto: Author of "Ancient Macedonians: Differences Between the Ancient Macedonians and the Ancient Greeks"

November 30, 2003
European Bureau for Lesser Used Languages Report on Greece: May - September 2003

November 24, 2003
Macedonian Minority Representatives Attend European Free Alliance Meeting in the European Parliament

November 21, 2003
Greeks Held for Scam Killing

November 20, 2003
Greek Family Kill Macedonian Woman in 1.5 Million Euro Insurance Fraud

November 20, 2003
More pictures from the Third World Reunion of Macedonian Political Refugees

November 12, 2003
The Rainbow Party will be holding its first Congress in Voden on December 7, 2003.
Congress Schedule (.pdf format)
Програма на конгресот (.pdf формат)

November 12, 2003
Rainbow/Vinozhito Meets with the European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance

November 11, 2003
Greece Tackles Its Image as a State of Racists

November 11, 2003
Christian Voss: Language use and language attitudes of a phantom minority: The Slavic-Speakers in "Greek Macedonia"

November 5, 2003
Дневник: Егејците бараат државјанство за сите Македонци

October 29, 2003
Tense Greek homecoming - Macedonians: Refugees from an unacknowledged minority visit their villages after 50 years

October 17, 2003
Bittersweet return for Greek civil war's lost victims

October 15, 2003
Macedonians Win Three Councillor's Positions in Albanian Local Elections

October 15, 2003
OSCE 2003 - Human Dimension Implementation Meeting

MHRMC Report - The Macedonian Minority in Greece
MHRMC Report - The Macedonian Minority in Bulgaria
MHRMC Report - The Macedonian Minority in Albania
Report by the Macedonian Human Rights Movement of Greece and Father Nikodim Tsarknias

October 6, 2003
Council of Europe Does Not Mention Macedonian Minority in Latest Report

October 1, 2003
The Macedonians of Gora Region

September 30, 2003
Rainbow Party (Vinozhito) Hosts Symbolic Reception for Macedonian Political Refugees

Secember 30, 2003
Unmasking of Greece’s Policy of Racism and Discrimination Against Macedonians

September 27, 2003
Info Zora - The Rainbow/Vinozhito Newsletter - May/June 2003 - No.11 (.pdf format)

September 23, 2003
Третата Македонска светска конференција за човекови права во Македонската Медија

September 17, 2003
Macedonians in Albania Announce New Website

September 7, 2003
Exiles Bring Greek Guilt Home

September 1, 2003
Greek Neo-Fascist Group Attacks 50 Year-Old

August 28, 2003
Invitation for the Third Macedonian World Human Rights Conference

August 27, 2003
Message from Lerin: Repeal the 1982 Law on Political Refugees

August 21, 2003
Questions Posed to Greek Ministers by Racist Greek Deputy

August 20, 2003
Greek Foreign Ministry's Nervous Reaction of Macedonian Refugees' Meeting in Lerin/Florina

August 20, 2003
Political Refugees Trickle Into Lerin After 55 Years of Greek Apartheid

August 20, 2003
The Plight of the Macedonian Refugee Children (Detsa Begaltsi)

August 10, 2003
Macedonian Political Refugees Once Again Denied Democratic Rights by Greek Authorities

August 8, 2003
MHRMC Condemns Greece’s Blacklisting of Ethnic Macedonians as Yet Another Canadian-Macedonian is Denied Entry into Greece

August 4, 2003
Third Meeting of Child Refugees from Aegean Macedonia to be Held in Lerin

August 1, 2003
Symbolic Reception at the Macedonian/Greek Border to be Held August 10, 2003

July 30, 2003
Open Letter to Greek PM Regarding Greece's Blacklisting of Ethnic Macedonians

July 26, 2003
MHRMC Condemns Greece's Continued Blacklisting of Ethnic Macedonians

July 23, 2003
"Restored Democracy" Celebrates 29th Anniversary in Greece but Civil Society Still Under Construction

July 7, 2003
Theatre Group from the Republic of Macedonia Performs for Macedonians in Mala Prespa

July 3, 2003
Greece Will Open the Border for Macedonian Political Refugees from August 10 to October 30

July 1, 2003
"Out of Exile" - Ethnic Macedonian Refugees to Return Home to Greece After More Than 50 Years

June 20, 2003
Greece Set to Open Borders for Ethnic Macedonian Civil War Refugees

June 11, 2003
Macedonian Political Refugees Will Be Able to Visit Greece This Summer

June 9, 2003
Greek Deputy Foreign Minister Announces Free Return of Macedonian Political Refugees

June 8, 2003
English Translation of the Interview with Greek Deputy Foreign Minister Regarding the Free Return of Macedonian Political Refugees

June 3, 2003
Info Zora - The Rainbow/Vinozhito Newsletter - February/March 2003 - No.10

May 29, 2003
Rainbow/Vinozhito Presentation at the 48th FUEN Congress on Nationalities

May 15, 2003
Грчка пропаганда во Австралија: министер во Австралија под истрага затоа што Македонците ги нарекувал "Скопјани"

May 14, 2003
Racist Australian Minister in Slur Probe for Referring to Macedonians as "Skopians"

May 14, 2003
Racial Hate Claim Aimed at Minister

May 14, 2003
ECRI Meeting with Macedonian Organizations in Bulgaria
ЕКРИ имаше средба со македонските организации во Бугарија

May 3, 2003
Open Letter to the Greek Prime Minister Regarding Greece's Blacklisting of Ethnic Macedonians

April 30, 2003
Rainbow/Vinozhito Press Release Regarding Greece's Blacklisting of Ethnic Macedonians

April 24, 2003
Amnesty Criticizes EU Double Standards on Human Rights

April 21, 2003
Macedonian Organizations in Bulgaria Hold United Commemoration in Honour of Jane Sandanski Without Police Interference

April 21, 2003
"Macedonia and Bulgaria Have Different Pasts, But They Have the Same Views for the Future"

April 21, 2003
Info Zora - The Rainbow/Vinozhito Newsletter - December 2002/January 2003 - No.9

April 17, 2003
Bias Alleged Over Rules on Minority Rights

April 16, 2003
Observations on the Parliamentary Question by Greek M.E.P. to the European Commission

April 15, 2003
EU Accession Exposes Double Standards on Minority Rights

April 8, 2003
Bulgarian Prime Minister Acknowledges Existence of Macedonian Minority in Bulgaria

April 7, 2003
MHRMC Criticism of US State Department Report on Greece
Забелешки на Извештајот за Грција од страна на Американската државна управа

April 7, 2003
Macedonian Minority Organizations in Bulgaria Unite

March 11, 2003
Greek Helsinki Monitor's 2002 Activity Report

February 28, 2003
CEDIME-SE Guide to the Council of Europe Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities

February 25, 2003
Open Letter to the Greek Prime Minister on the Matter of Greece's Racial Profiling Against Macedonians

February 25, 2003
Another Canadian-Macedonian Denied Entry into Greece

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