Macedonian Human Rights Movement International

Act Now

This is the most crucial issue facing Macedonia and Macedonians. How can you help?

• Contact Macedonian government officials and demand an immediate end to the negotiations. Contact information is on the Our Name is Macedonia webpage.
• Every Macedonian website should have an Our Name is Macedonia banner -
• Promote the campaign in Macedonian communities worldwide. For ad campaign posters or more information, please contact us.
• Demand support from the international community. We will provide contact information for government officials and media.
• Make a donation. Join the MHRMI Human Rights Fund ( or the AMHRC Minorities Support Fund (

Silence is not an option. Our Name is Macedonia.

See the Macedonian ad here (.gif)
See the Macedonian ad here (.pdf)
See the English ad here (.gif)
See the English ad here (.pdf)

Press Release: MHRMI and AMHRC Launch Ad Campaign Demanding End to Name Negotiations (in Macedonian) (.asp)
Press Release: MHRMI and AMHRC Launch Ad Campaign Demanding End to Name Negotiations (in English) (.asp)

Photo Album of the billboards in Skopje (.pdf) 

Click here to put a banner on your website

***Albanians openly calling for part of #Macedonia to be given to Greater Albania. The West is supporting this with their anti-Macedonian actions and statements***


Demand that your government, opposition parties, media, ethnic community groups, and everybody DENOUNCE the Tirana Platform and the West's support of it.
Copy MHRMI on correspondence and show that we are UNITED FOR MACEDONIA!
We support Macedonians' demands for action!

 RT, demand ACTION! Albanians openly calling for part of #Macedonia 4 Greater Albania! Tell your govt, opposition parties, media to DENOUNCE!

 MHRMI blocked from an Albanian Twitter page that demands part of #Macedonia for Greater Albania. #Canada, #USA support this, WHY??? #cdnpoli

 And #Macedonia is exploding w/ ethnic tension because of it. @realDonaldTrump, you can reverse #US policy but you're not. WHY? #Trump #Soros

 #USA pushing 4 #Soros Greater Albania. @justintrudeau supports this. Ask him why. #Macedonians are united in DEFENCE of #Macedonia. #cdnpoli 

 Why do #Macedonia'ns have to keep defending our ethnic origin? #US is aiding our oppressors. HELP US. @TheRevAl, @RevJJackson @BenJealous

 #Ivanov, expel Yee, Baily & IGNORE anything out of @usembassymkd & @StateDept. ANNOUNCE that #Macedonia is waiting 4 #US policy from #Trump.

 .@realDonaldTrump @POTUS #Macedonia urgently needs your help to stop #Soros backed #Obama leftover @AmbBaily from destroying our country.

...and while we're at it, we might as well try to appeal to his Slovenian wife, Melania, as well. @FLOTUS

 .@FLOTUS your old neighbors #Macedonia need help now or another #Balkan #War will start. Only @realDonaldTrump can stop it. PROSIM POMAGAJTE